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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  September 6, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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crews raced into the water to get him out. it was quite a dramatic scene as you can imagine not far from the bourne bridge. >> ryan: a man scoped out the area then got into the area and he is being charged with operating to endanger, speeding and malicious destruction of property. crews took him to the hospital. we have a crew in bourne and we will have a live report at 5:00. >> jadiann: a dorchester man called to court accused in a crash. police say he was drunk when he hit and killed a 46-year-old woman. >> ryan: investigators say he was driving 80 miles an hour and never stopped. kelli o'hara has reaction from the victim's family. kelley. >> reporter: family says janet systems was a loving mother and caretaker, someone who lived for her family but saturday night sadly her life ended after being hit and killed by the drunk driver. loved ones place their hands on the backs of two mung are
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as the family loans at the man who allege lid killed their sister and mother janet systems. >> i've no feelings. this is numb. this is a nightmare. >> reporter: prosecutors say sims died at this intersection after being hit by a drunk and speedingant any buchanan troopers say was driving 80 miles an hour when he hit systems then took off. family understandably is overcome by eating and very shocked about this thing that my mom is still gone. >> i just lost my daughter. you know. i'm quite sure other mothers are hurting the same way. so i remember. >> reporter: the victim's son says his mother was the family caretaker and was taken way too soon. but despite their loss family says they've forgiven buick anman. >> not forgiving him will
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grudge. >> reporter: family credits their deep faith in god saying for allowing them to forgive. he is due in court later on next month. reporting live in mattapan, kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> ryan: here at 4:30 a framingham state university police officer in charge facing charges of bad behavior. he is accused of inappropriate conduct with student and facing several charges including degrees lewdness and witness intimidation. >> jadiann: also on 7 a dangerous device found on the front lawn of a boston police officer. police say something similar to a molotov cocktail was tossed there on the grass. and now they're questioning whether officers are being targeted. jennifer egan has the latest for us. >> reporter: boston police concerned about an explosive find at an officer's home.
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described as a molotov cocktail like device in their yard. the bottle intact with what appears to be a burn rag. no damage to the officer's home. bpd and boston fire are investigating trying to determine if that was a random act or if someone was trying to send a message to this officer. it comes weeks after another investigation looking into whether city officers were possibly targeted. this one centered on three times officers roxbury and east boston returned to their personal vehicles at the end of a shift and found the lug nuts holding on the tires were missing or losenned. after this was found in the officer's yard over the weekend the commissioner released a statement reading "the safety and wellbeing of my is officers is always of the highest importance to me and as a result, this isant incident we're taking seriously and investigating accordingly." the boston fire department's arson squad is take part in the investigation.
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in boston general egan, 7 news. >> ryan: i.t.technical institute is closing its doors after an investigation. last week the education department banned the college from enrolling new students to use federal financial aid. i.t.has been ordered to pay the federal reserve $152 million to cover student refund. massachusetts sued the condition for misleading students earlier this year. i.t.has 140 wide. the department of transportation will hold a public meeting in worcester to discuss the new electronic tolling system. it will be used on the mass pike and other highways beginning next month. the meeting will be held at union station and it begins at 6:30. it's the first much seven meetings that will be held across the state. >> jadiann: a large home in narragansett, rhode island, up in flames. heavy flames pouring out of the ocean front home last night. firefighters say strong winds made fighting the fire
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issues. no one was home at the time. the house reportedly belonged to the late owner of the pawtucket red sox. boston police getting illegal guns off the street over the weekend. police released a picture of this hand gun they say is one of five confiscated by officers over the weekend. >> ryan: we're following more news today. chicago is having one ofis deadliest years as the 500th homicide happened over the weekends. the 500th murder. the city's homicide rate i two decades. the report comes just days after dwyane wade's cousin was killed on the streets of chicago. she was with her child when she was' killed. police have charged two men with the murder. altridge was not the intended target. >> reporter: three men in minnesota steal more than 60 gun from a gun store. the burglars grabbed dozen of guns.
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stolen items were worth about $40,000. police are searching for suspects. a high-speed chase comes to a quick stop when police, dangerous stunt. video shows an officer ramming into a car and they were' able to put four suspects in the car behind bars. adam williams reports. (sirens). >> get out >> the end of a high-speed chase came after two minutes after it started when an officer spotted a speeder who took off. a camera system lets the officer know that the car is stolen. >> if you don't pull over i'm going to take your car. >> reporter: itself car slows down to do the pit. >> the officer did what he was trained to do. and inducing the pursuit to an end. >> reporter: the captain said they're using the pursuit intervention
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>> if the officer can employ this technique safely you will do so. we look for factors such as time of day. other vehicles around. pedestrian traffic, what have you and in this instance there was no cars around. it was the perfect opportunity. >> reporter: four suspects quickly arrested. >> we got a bag of kegain. gun, -- cocaine. >> reporter: we want to stop chases as soons deadly consequences to not only the people being chased but the public and our officers. >> ryan: a group of good samaritans in middlesex make a risky rescue. >> somebody in there. ." a man was trapped in the burning car in houston yesterday. about 25 people jumped into action. they tried dossing the fire, breaking the windows and rocking the car. >> they were' trying to take
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and smoke. >> ryan: the good samaritans pulled him to safety and firefighters showed up to put flames out. a woman in florida is facing charges after trying to set her ex-boyfriend's car on fire. you can see a 19-year-old there feeding flames inside the trunk of a white vehicle. thee shut the car belonged to her former boyfriend. she was' later arrest and is facing second-degree arson charges. >> jadiann: which is goes up in flame and a pet tort toys abe to flame -- tor takes may be -- tortase may be to flame: the tortoise was the mascot of the company and unfortunately was killed in the fire. >> the building can be remodeled, redone. you can't replace animals. >> jadiann: the business was salvage and the sheriff's office says the
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determined to be accidental. >> ryan: an employee from the animal rescue league of boston rescuing a california it shows the employee climbing up to rescue him. you can see the wind was whipping all the branches around but the employee managed to get the cat down very safely. that is dedication. >> jadiann: oh, my goodness. had claws to hold on. right ahead, on 7 frightening slip. historic boat off the coast of california drivers try and save what is left. >> ryan: temperatures are cooling. almost time to get your flu shot. we'll tell you about the big change ta could affect people who have a fear of needles. >> jadiann: we're following two breaking stories. a driver charged after a spectacular splash. police say the driver drove his car right into the cape cod canal. >> ryan: police investigating after someone posted pictures of naked
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details ahead on 7 news at 5:00. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in,
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>> ryan: a frightening flip in california, crews attempting to recover an historic paddle boat after it sank. a mechanical problem caused the boat to fly. >> jadiann: two people had to jump out and made it to shore. christa del camp has the -- >> the mains goal is to dive on the vessel and assess the situation, seehe look for the tanks and how it's positioned. >> reporter: divers with the character and global diving and salvage teams spending labor day underwater trying to come one a plan to hoist up the spirit of sacramento. it was taken hours after the coast guard and the sheriff's office saw the paddle boat had capsized. >> immediately they put booms around the areas to keep the sheen inside the area. >> reporter: according to
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contains about 600 gallons of diesel fuel which began leaking sometime early good morning we enantsed a safety zone around the vessel to keep divers safe so we're asking people to stay clear of the vessel while they conduct their dive operations. >> reporter: it's no stranger to the count sheriff's office. an official with department says the boat had been anchored fon an island for week. two people on the boat made the coast guard and local lot. are trying to come one a plan to salvage the historic paddle boat and the surrounding environment. i'm christa del camp, 7 news. >> ryan: finally found. a space probe officials thought was lost turned up on the dark side afternoon comist. >> reporter: the heat and humidity take overs from here. >> jadiann: at 5:00 police body cameras in boston under
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for a delay to pilot program. >> ryan: the lawsuit against fox news resolved and a former anchor comes away with a whole lot of money. >> reporter: but if you find yourself returning to the same cravings day after day there might be something else going on.
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>> ryan: europe's rosetta space probe has located its lost cam ratchet the camera captured images of the lander. it shows the lander's body and two of his three legs were taken as rosetta passed within nearly two miles of the surface. >> this is the case, to get the image. all of the data was pointing
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a visual representation is confirmation of that is perfect. it adds to the excitement that we have leading into the end of mission. >> ryan: data from the lander hags already improved science's understanding of the nature of comets and the role they played 234 the role of the universe. we were talking about how about it was groomy, but it's moving away. >> jadiann: let's hope we're going to put all that behind us pretty soon. jeremy reiner is standing by. >> reporter: hermine fades away. weakens as we speak. there may be an isolated shower tomorrow but overall, i think you can close the books on hermine for many of us, we never even opened the books. much ado about nothing. metro west and southern new england. right now we're getting clouds and drizzle and fog. we move this out of here and you start to turn things up. temperatures take off. 60s and 70s, you can see where the low clouds, drizzle and fog have been
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then you move south and you have some sun. even now that end of month of september the sun makes a world of difference. provincetown at 77. hyannis 75. a little bit of leftover winds from hermine out of the northeast anywhere between 15-25 miles an hour. well down to the south, in fact the hurricane center, they've closed the books on hermine because 2:00 pm they said enough. that is, there is no need to issue any more stame hermine even though there is a weather system down here. but it's not going to be a weather system that, you know, raises concern or anything like that. it's generating clouds and moisture. persistent band of rain blossoming up through rhode island then moving west and southwest around the top side of hermine. around metro boston a lot of clouds. i think that's about it. eventually this weather system here cool front generating clouds and showers moves east. that just friction hermine
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neck couple of days. today temperatures between 63-67. for tomorrow, a lot of clouds in the morning but i do think some sun in the afternoon but still a risk of an isolated shower. what we call a can't miss forecast. partly sunny, chance of a shower, more humid, temperatures between 76-81. although years past involve found ways to miss that forecast. dracut at 80. concor fitchburg hills, you are saying edgartown also at 78. there is tomorrow. thursday more sunshine. more humid with temperatures on thursday jumping to the lows 80s, that maybe a little conservative. your 7 on 7 forecast, friday is partly sunny and hot and humid in the morning then humidity fades new hampshire. temperatures on friday near 90. saturday is the warmer of the two. the temperatures near 90 on saturday. saturday looks like a great
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the morning and then developing sun in the afternoon. see you at 5:00. >> jadiann: time for traffic. here is matt fitzgerald with an update. >> reporter: good evening, we are crawling leaving the o'neil tunnel. if you want to crawl down past south bay they been you will be in it again. northbound you are backed up heading into the tunnel. let's check the drive times on the expressway. from the o'neil tunnel to the split. looking at a 29 minute drive. taking a look at the looking good right now. however, further up you will be on the brakes up through medford then on again off again delays from spot pond up through wilmington. the lower deck moves well through the o'neil tunnel. backing up quickly leaving the city this afternoon. you will be jammed up until just after newton corner. the eastbound side of the pike is moving well into the city. let's check the drive on the pike, downtown to the weston tolls looking at a 26 minute drive and on the upper half of 128, from the mass pike
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drive. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> ryan: turning to the health cast, scientists have found traces of zika virus in tears. the research was done on mice and researchers say it'll have to be represent indicated in humans -- replicateed before the findings apply to people. >> jadiann: it's almost that time of year as the weather gets cooler, pharmacies are recommending getting the flu shot. but this year there is a little bit of a change. >> recommending the nasal spray. if you are afraid of needles it's tough news to hear. we have more. >> reporter: [no audio] >> ryan: having a little trouble with that. dressing up to try to fit in. why this woman's costume is needing a whole lot of
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kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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>> ryan: this is the great story. a single mom didn't want her son to miss out on a school event called donuts with dad. >> jadiann: she played the part. the pictures are going viral. the photos show mom, dad disguise if you will. she said she dressed up so that her dad wouldn't miss out on all the fun. and the response was positive from dads at school and also >> i think it's important to teach our kids to not have excuses or feel bad for theirselves because they don't have a father or mother. i've been alone for a while doing it with my kids but it hasn't been easy but it's a blessing. >> jadiann: the mom says she might be dressing up again. her two younger sons want her to do the same thing when they are hold enough to go to the donuts with dad event.
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jealous that mom would do that to help out the kids. that is great. >> jadiann: i do, too, much more to come. so glad that you are with us, i'm jadiann thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis, news at 5:00 starts right now. >> adam: breaking news, inappropriate pictures of high school boys in weston being shared on a social media app. now police are getting involved. also a car crashes into the cape cod canal. what police say caused a driver to mung -- plunge off the road. >> reporter: hermine moves out. summertime heat and humidity move in. >> adam: a battle about body cameras, boston police head to court to fight for a plan to have officers record their actions. plus ups and downs in the race for the white house. conflinting polls leaving many questioning which candidate is on top as the focus shifts to battleground states. sticking to the game plan,
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season opener. >> adam: breaking news first at 5:00, police at weston high school today talking to kids about sharing inappropriate pictures on social media. the principal says a fake account solicited compromising pictures of boys. >> kim: officers met with sophomores at the school. steve coop ser in weston with the latest. >> >> this is a lesson for everybody. >> reporter: not evenly two months on the job and this superintendent is social media or in this case reports that sexually explicit pictures of sophomore boys may have ended up on a bogus snap chat account. >> we don't know if it's from a student or it could be from somebody else outside that is the danger in all this. you don't know who is on the other end. >> i'm very shocked. >> reporter: kathryn was at the meeting with the principal earlier and says even though girls weren't targeted, it's all pretty unnerving. >> no one know if's it's a
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>> reporter: police were also in attendance at the assembly focusing on the legal issues of circulating pictures of minors in compromising positions. while authorities investigate who is responsible, parents hope their children are getting the message when it comes to social media that is inappropriate and illegal. >> as long as you raise kids who know what is right and what is wrong, you just have to teach them. >> reporter: heads up for the kids is what? >> just to be mindful of what you do. what back to you. be careful when you put out. there you can't undo that. >> reporter: so tonight weston police are still trying to figure out who is responsible for that snap chat account that was set up earlier. in the meantime here at the high school, officials are hoping that students and their parents get the message about the dangerss when it comings to using social media. live in weston tonight, steve coop e 7 news.


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